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Lilly Process Engineer-PKG in Suzhou Manufacturing-苏州工厂, China

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  • 工艺工程师将负责确保并维持包装工艺设备处于被验证过的可靠运行状态。 同时需要确保设备的可控性,能满足客户的需求。另外他/她需要主导设备的持续改善。

Process Engineer will be responsible establishing and maintaining the reliable operation and qualified state of the PKG process equipment. He/she will ensure also that equipment is in-control, compliant, and capable of meeting customer needs, while also driving associated continuous improvement effort.

  • 该职位需要能自主独立的提供专业的技术支持。

The position is an individual contributor, provider of professional technical services.


General Objectives

  • 遵循GMP要求和工厂的流程工作。

Work in accordance with general GMP and local site procedures

  • 遵循工厂HSE的要求安全地工作。

Working safely following all HSE standard

  • 发现,定义和实施控制措施改善生产工艺。

Seek out, define and implement control system, production process and business improvements.

  • 确保所有建立的标准被严格地遵循。

Assure all established standards are followed.

  • 与内部客户紧密合作并积极了解他们的需求和目标。对于他们的要求快速做出反应。帮助解决问题。

Stay tightly aligned and actively involved with internal customers. Understand their issues, priorities and objectives. Respond to and implement customer requests. Troubleshoot problems.

  • 合理利用资源寻求他人帮助以完成工作。

Seek results through others.

  • 通过适当的举措最大限度的让自己的工作帮助到公司。

Appropriately leverage activities in order to maximize the overall impact to the business.


Functional Objectives

  • 工艺工程师需要在当班技术员无法解决包装设备上机械相关的问题时提供支持。


The Process Engineer is the primary loop of support in troubleshooting in case the Maintenance Tech on shift cannot solve an issue related to Mechanical aspect of process machine.

  • 帮助保养和工程技术员更好的支持团队。

Provide engineering expertise as active member of area process team.

  • 利用正式的问题解决工具,包括根本问题的分析来解决设备问题。

Utilize formal problem solving techniques, including Root Cause Analysis, to resolve equipment issues.

  • 建立监控机制验证问题解决的效果。

Establish & monitor/ trend control systems as tool for verifying and operational problems.

  • 回应客户需求对设备实施相应的动作。

Respond to and implement customer requests related to the equipment.

  • 实施CAPA问题的纠正措施。

Implement corrections, corrective actions, and countermeasures arising from CAPA’s.

  • 参与设备的周期性评估。

Participate in Periodic Reviews for equipment.

  • 制定针对短期和长期需求的资产化项目。

Develop scope for capital projects targeted at both shorter- and longer-term needs.

  • 充当资产化项目的用户代表或本地项目的交付代理。

Act as user representative for capital projects or delivery agent for local projects.

  • 理解并提升设备的可靠性指标。

Understand equipment reliability issues with objective of improvement.

  • 协助工厂固定资产管理人员进行改善并保证设备的保养和其他相关工作的合理安排。

Coordinate with site/ corporate asset management personnel to replicate improvements and assure alignment of maintenance and other equipment activities

  • 识别并主导相关设备和区域的改善机会(流程变更,升级改造,项目等)。

Identify and drive improvement opportunities (procedural changes, upgrades, projects, etc.) associated with equipment within the area.

  • 通过与其他工艺设备的指标对比明确提升目标和改善机会。

Compare equipment performance data with that of other operations to determine areas of opportunity.

  • 目标的制定应以世界级的水平做参考。

Goals/ objectives should target world-class levels of operation.

  • 通过积极参与安全相关的活动(安全审核,工作安全分析,危害评估等)来促进安全状况的改善。

Actively participate in safety-related activities (audits, JSA’s, hazard reviews, etc.) to drive ongoing safety improvement.

  • 评估会对设备的合格状态产生影响的所有活动,必要时使用合适的工具和流程。

Evaluate all activities for impact on qualified state of equipment and utilize appropriate tools/ processes as necessary (change control, hold, etc.)

  • 支持日常的维护和其他相关工作以保证系统的实时性和可靠性。

Support routine maintenance and other activities that control systems up-to-date and reliable.

  • 及时通过验证手段检验系统是否处于预期的状态。

Stay current with validation expectations.

  • 定期质量评估:支持完成设备的AQM文件。

Periodic quality assessment: Support to complete the equipment AQM document.

  • 积极参与安全相关活动并实施HSE和5S相关的措施。

Active Participation in safety-related activities and implementation of specific tasks regarding HSE and 5S activities.

  • 与其他团队成员包括操作员,生产主管,质量工程师,设备技术人员,自动化工程师等有效沟通和合作。

Work and Communicate effectively with shift personnel (Operators, supervisor, QA, etc…) process team member and other Technical professional mainly focused with Equipment (in particular Automation Engineer, Mechanical Technicians and Automation Technicians)

  • 为持续改善(如改善设备可靠性)提供支持。

Provide input for continuous improvement effort (improve equipment reliability, etc…)

  • 负责确保所属区域的设备安全生产,遵循安全准则并帮忙提升团队的安全意识。

Take overall responsibility for the safe operation of the equipment within the area, follow safety rules and helping improve the safety culture.

  • 主管分配的其他任务。

Other tasks assigned by supervisor

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